Wedding Flowers: Arrangements for Long Tables

Wedding Flowers: Creative Usages – as part of the Wedding series by GeoBeats.

The last few years it has become more popular to have long tables at wedding receptions versus the round tables. And sometimes the tables are long and narrow, like only 30 inches wide, and when they are 30 inches wide there is not really very much room for the flowers on the table. There you have plates and the wine glasses, you know, there is not much room.

This is an example of an arrangement in a low narrow glass vase that was lined with foliage, oasis was added on. And then there is just the variety of flowers and textures in here. Some succulents, some fruits like figs and little keylimes.

And then quiet a variety of flowers, seasonal flowers and some roses also. So for the long tables these are usually space a few feet apart and then it makes for a nice long garland almost.


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