Top 15 Horrendous Bridesmaid Dresses So Awful They’ll Have You Rethinking Marriage

Obviously, the most important dress at a wedding is the one the bride is wearing. But the second most important gown is the one that’s on all of the bridesmaids. Bridesmaids dresses present a unique conundrum: you want your girls to look and feel great in what they wear (after all, friendships can end over poor bridesmaids dress choices and these pictures last forever), but you also don’t want them to outshine you. Some brides are able to find that sweet spot, where their bridesmaids look fantastic, but they still don’t encroach on her “queen of the day” territory. But other brides go to great lengths to ensure that their girls won’t even be close to overshadowing them. We’ve rounded up 15 of the latter cases: horrible bridesmaids dresses that will make you thank your lucky stars that wedding season is over, and you aren’t at risk of being stuck in a terrible gown like one of these for a BFF any time soon.


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