The Ugliest Bridesmaid Dresses EVER

The worst bridesmaid dresses brides made their friends wear.

Prepare to cringe at the worst bridesmaid dresses you’ll ever see in our video on ugly bridesmaid dresses. These awful bridesmaid dresses pull the attention away from the bride for all the wrong reasons. You’ll be laughing out loud at these crimes against fashion through the last few decades. The ‘70s and ‘80s sure do have a lot to answer for. But even contemporary bridesmaid dresses can massively miss the mark.

If you’re looking for tacky bridesmaid dresses, then you can’t go far wrong with “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding”. This TV show provides so many “what were they thinking?” moments. Some of the other hideous bridesmaid dresses included in our video made us think of Little Bo Peep, “Moulin Rouge”, curtains, concertinas and Mrs. Claus.

Watch our TheTalko video to see the ugliest bridesmaid dresses ever, and tell us in comments which one you think is the biggest bridesmaid fail.

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