That Should Be Me / Wedding Dress (Covered and Prod. By Andrew Trinh) FREE DOWNLOAD LINK

Hey Guys, My name is Andrew Trinh. I’m a 18 (born in 1995) year old singer/producer/rapper.


SO for all you kpop fans i did as much as i could with the song wedding dress, i can’t sing that high because of a horrible vocal range. I also don’t speak korean and i didn’t want to attempt to do the english version… So i added Jbiebs lyrics to this. I got this idea from AJ Rafael’s cover a long time ago. I hope you enjoy this.

Other Info: I used autotune because i thought that it would add definition and make the song more unique. I can sorta sing without it. But anyway i hope you enjoy.


Lyrics are not owned by me, but rather Mr. JBiebs himself!


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