SOMBRA Overwatch Makeup Tutorial [feat. boyinaband]

Sombra is the newest character in the game Overwatch! She’s quickly become one of my go-to heroes so here is a makeup tutorial inspired by her! You can rock this look to cosplay her, or if you just want to take the eyes and lips, you can rock that for a night out! Leave your battlenet IDs in the comments below so you can play with other zombaes!

Sombra’s origin story:
Sombra’s animated short film:

Special thanks to my pal, Dave aka. BoyInABand for being in this video! He is amazing at all things- check out his youtube channel!

Sombra Hair:
1. Part hair on left, slick back hair on left side & pin (or conveniently have a side shave)
2. Tease the heck out of your hair on the top of your head
3. Use purple and white hair spray to mimick Sombra’s ombre. Good luck making it not look patchy. (spoiler alert: white hairspray just looks grey on brown hair)
4. If you have mid-length hair, pull hair in front of right shoulder, gather it together, roll one giant curl upwards, pin it, hairspray it, and leave it to set for a while. (can also use a curling iron for this step)
5. Unpin the curl after some time, clip in your cybernetic hair pieces & you’re done!

Pink Cybernetic Hair Pieces:
1. Cut pink craft foam into two slightly curved strips – one a little bit longer than the other.
2. Use a heat gun to warm up the pieces, and then press them gently to the side of your head to match the curve of your head. Let them cool.
3. Use any metallic paper (I used scrapbooking paper) to cut out tiny “P” shapes for the front. Hot glue them onto the pink strips.
4. Hot glue two ‘wig clips’ to back side of the pink strips.
(Sombra has a whole web of these in the back of her head- if you want to do the full thing, repeat this process for the circular portions)


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