Pre-poo natural kids hair 👑

So what I needed up doing is, while I took out her protective style she had. I put coconut oil on my fingers to take out the braids, and I used my spray bottle that has Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Coconut oil, and avocado oil. Once her hair is coated in all that then I began to put conditioner all over her hair, besides her roots! Once I finished that I then ONLY put shampoo at her roots and gently massage didn’t her scalp. Your hair won’t be able to grow properly if your scalp isn’t clean! Once finished I rinsed out in warm water then coated her hair in conditioner again, then rinsed it out in warm water. You’re suppose to rinse out in cold water to close the hair follicles. However Royal received a deep conditioner after this wash, so I wanted her follicles to remain open.


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