Mr Aravind Interiors – Wenge Based Interior Decoration

Wenge and Brown colors are closely associated with warmth and comfort when it comes down to interiors. This is a home that we have furnished a while back wherein we have kept this concept in mind and decorated the home from floor till ceiling using the similar color palette.

Special #seethroughfoyer

One of the stringent requirements of Mr.Aravind is to have a #foyer in his beautiful home. So, we have created a #virtualfoyer just by placing a simple see through partition using CNC cutting over MDF. This simple element itself added an artistic look as soon as one steps in..


A #modernTVunit embellished with korian top ledges was beautifully seated in the #livingroom. Besides giving an earthy feel for the entire living cum dining,this brown colored #stonecladding which we chose exactly suited the color palatte.


#Dininginteriors in this home was made simple for a simple reason of just to highlight the wall opposite to the diningarea. The same design story of the #stonecladdedwall was continued in the dining area as well; provided with a simple rafter embedded with spot lights running through.

They can creatively utilize this space to display their collages, or paintings of their favorite choice.

#Poojaunit: A simple 4 feet poojaunit was designed with openable doors and with bottom drawers provided for storage.


Simple dual colored palatte crockery unit gives you a warm welcome before you enter into this lengthy kitchen.

Besides #crockeryunit, the tall storage unit on the right of the kitchen entrance is one of the focal points one can observe

This tall storage accumulated the #ovenprovision and a lot of storage cabinets. #Fridgepoint in this kitchen was provided to the left of the kitchen entrance which gives easy access for the persons in dining as well as kitchen.

When it comes to the utility corner, we have given a couple of simple top cabinets placed at reachable height to store their detergents; so that they can can easily wash their utensils.


As this cute couple is blessed with a naughty baby boy who is very fond of Chota beem, we put all our ideas just to impress him.

A simple study unit is provided with the same color laminates of the openable wardrobes to give the entire room interiors a symmetric look.


The #masterbedroominteriors is comprised of tall #modularopenablewardrobes and the dressing unit sided with simple study area.


#Guestbedroominteriors in this adobe is just an attracting 10 feet openable wardrobe which was laminated with brown colored textured laminate.

Simple #freestandingdresserunit provided with ledge on the top was another decor element.

Well, just to keep the guestbedroominteriors simple as per our beloved customers choice, we have designed it utmost care..

Hope you liked the #interiors we have done for this home. That’s it for today. See you next time..

Chow chow..!! 🙂

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