MIXED KIDS HAIR | Tutorial for STRETCHING curls and easy styling | 3C 4A | Goldyn Amber (2019)

HellOOO!! Welcome to my FIRST video!!

Thank you for watching!! I’m excited to start this journey of sharing our life on youtube!

In this video I am sharing how I style my darling Clementines hair on her first day of washing, and then show how I transition it out of that style into three other cute, daily, wearable styles.

We do this OFTEN, the starting style changes from wash to wash, but I ALWAYS style, stretch, and then restyle a few times before her next wash day!!

I also plan ahead and will wash on a thursday or friday so that her hair is stretched for church on sunday and we can do a quick, effortless, style…

ANY HAIR CAN BE STRETCHED!! And it is smart to do so on our little curly babies because typically stretching it is putting it into a protective style which will keep their hair hydrated, healthy, protected, and growing!!

many more hair vids to come as I have 5 kids who AAAALL have different textures!!! Its CRAZY in our house! lol…

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In this place I hope to share my Journey back to ME, the self I have lost in the many transitions of life, my journey of motherhood, wifehood, of inclusion, of redemption, and hopefully find friends along the way…
I sure would love if you took up room in this space and came along with me!


– – Hair was washed with Kirkland Signature Moisturizing Shampoo & Conditioner (Costco brand – its amazing)

– – Deep conditioner used as a leave-in (you can sub this for your favorite leave in)

– – Camille Rose Oil (can sub for any oil you enjoy!)
Nangai & Tsubaki Strength Restore Hair Oil

– – Aussie Miracle Moisture oil (do NOT SUB! lol, provides so much slip for easy detangling!!)

– – African Shea Butter (any unrefined brand will work)

– – Macadamia healing oil spray

Other things I love and hope to talk about!!
Mental health and self care
inner voice and conflicts – etc
family life/ wife life/ army life
politics and religion!!
Christian perspectives
K beauty and Skin care (Korean beauty and skin care)
personal growth and growth mindsets
and anything else under the sun because I literally spend my days contemplating all of my existential/metaphysical dilemmas….

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Living Your Life


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