Mayesh Design Star: Floral Hoops

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In this episode of Mayesh Design Star, Christy demonstrates how to make a cost-effective and stunning floral hoop. In the past few years, these hoops have gained popularity in weddings and now in events – from boutonniere size to 7 feet tall. Floral hoops are a fun and easy way to make a show-stopping piece without breaking the bank. This is definitely thinking outside the box (or vase).

P.S. We asked Christy where to purchase the large event hoop and she recommends to connect with a local welder who can create a great custom piece for you. A great addition to your rental inventory!

Featured product: Huckleberry, passion vine, silver dollar eucalyptus, camellia, Elaeagnus, smilax, Eden Romantica garden spray rose, white ranunculus, Pennisetum or bunny tail and pepper berry.

Supplies needed: Hoop of desired size and material, clippers, water source (flower pick or Ecofresh bouquet wrap), wire or zip-ties, Design Master Petal Proofer, and Design Master Foliage Sealer.

Videographer: Justin Peay Productions​
Photographer: Kelli Boyd Photography​
Host: Christy Hulsey, Colonial House of Flowers​
CHOF Team: Kaitlyn Baxter, Amanda Currier, Lanier Hays, Taylor Ellen
Styling: Whitney Downs, Whitewood Events​
WE Team: Erica Cleary, Ashley Stalvey
Roses: Rosaprima – Iconic Roses for Life’s Extraordinary Moments​
Floral Supplies: OASIS Floral Products​, DESIGN MASTER color tool​, Accent Decor, Inc.​. Eco Fresh Bouquet​
Napkins and Runners: Alanah Textiles​
Table Linen: BBJ Linen​
Studio Space: Averitt Center for the Arts​
Hair & makeup: Jessica Belfry, Hustle & Blow Dry Bar​
Wardrobe Styling: kate spade new york​


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