Makeup Tutorial for a Drag Queen and Hot Girls

This is a makeup tutoral for hot girls or a drag queen who wants to look real. In this video I show you basic techniques on how to produce a very natural hot girls look for stage. This is makeup for a male to female transformation. This look is perfect for anything you could possible use it for. It may be gay, but that does mean it is not useful for all those girls. So be the hot one, be hotter than the rest and look like a girl and stand out from the rest of the girls. Make-up like this is easy and being a queen looking like this will make you stand out above the rest, I would almost guarantee it lol.

I love to see makeup looks recreated, especially when it is an illusion of something I have created or redone. So if you filmed your own tutorial or have a gay friend or a drag queen friend who did or has one, please feel free to share this awesome experience with me. Makeup is my life and it is my passion and everything about me. Myself I am gay, but just because I am a homosexual does not mean I can not be good at my art, my makeup. If anything, we queers are better than most hot girls are at making hot girls hot hahaha, anyways. Do you know what I mean, okay, mhmm?

Enjoy this makeup tutorial, and be sure to comment and post all your hot girl or sexy woman photos on my facebook page which you can find a link to on my website listed above. My website is new and is all about what kind of makeup services I offer and I can not wait to get started and involve all you gorgeous people.



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