Magic Mirror Kids' Hair Salon ~ 髮緣伴成長


髮型師Chrissy 21年來一直堅持為小朋友剪髮✂,鍛鍊了一身好手藝及豐富的剪髮經驗。 為超過幾萬個小朋友剪髮既Chrissy,有咩可以令佢投身成為專業兒童髮型師❓

原因是Chrissy 見証着小朋友由媽媽抱著剪髮🤱🏻到自己可以不哭座在木馬上剪髮,上稚兒班,小學,中學🎒,大學🎓。而且多年後,長大了,成家立室後,帶着自己的小朋友來找Christy剪髮。Chrissy以髮緣去建立感情 💇‍♂。

Hairstylist Chrissy’s experience in cutting kids’ hair is unparalleled having served 💇‍tens of thousands of kids during her 21 years with Magic Mirror. So what gives her the drive to be a professional kids’ hairstylist?

Chrissy, who has two daughters of her own, finds it very rewarding to witness growth of her clients starting from their first-ever haircut as a baby held by their mother🤱to when they are old enough to sit on their own.

She has helped countless kids prepare for their kindergarten interview and then seen them grow older to go onto university. Some have even started their own families and are bringing a second generation of clients to Magic Mirror! Chrissy uses great haircuts to build great relationships that last a lifetime👨‍👩‍👧‍👦!

💈Magic Mirror Kids’ Hair Salon 一間專為兒童而設的Salon。
🏠Address: Shop 218, Windsor House, 311 Gloucester Road, HK☎Appointment:2882 2118 / 2882 2138

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