Lip Art- Black Gold

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As promised here is how I did my lips in my “Cut Here” makeup look. This is also another addition to my lip art series.

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Music by Rage Techno “The Chase” :


What I used:

-Barry M Black Khol Eyeliner* (£2.99) (any black eyeliner will work):

-Barry M Black Lipstick (£4.49 ):

-Lip Art Brush (You can use an art brush or just a lip Brush)

-24 Baked Eyeshadow Pallet (roughly £21) :

-Eye Smudge Sponge (I’m going to link you to the e.l.f one as the one I had is discontinued) £1.50:


The items marked above with a (*) were send to me for free/consideration. I do not use anything which I do not like regardless of whether it was sent to me for free or bought with my own money.
I make videos for the e.l.f uk channel so I am sent many of their products, however I am NOT paid by them. I also make videos for the BarryM channel but again I am not paid by them.

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