Learn How To cut your kids hair High and Tight with Hair clipper and No scissor clip boys haircut

Learn How To cut your kids hair High and Tight with Hair clipper and No scissor clip my son’s hair. High and tight Fade High & Tight haircut. You can use a Wahl Hamilton Beach Conair Oster Sunbeam Jarden Mercadolibre and others to do this. I am not a professional barber. I found a clipper on a super sale 20 years ago and thought for $10 I can try cutting my own hair -worst case I shave it down and that first shave down was the same cost as the clipper so a win-win for me. I started shaving my own hair and now also cut my son’s. If you’re afraid then go to the barber. in 20 years one time with the clipper off I was talking and zapped my own hair in a spot and had to shave it, otherwise 4-6 cuts of my own hair for 20 years. I did finally buy a new clipper and this was a Whal I used to clip my son’s hair. The other one finally is starting to have issues. I am now in it for $35 and have saved $thousands. And more hours waiting and driving around to get a cut than I can imagine. I always figure I am done cutting in less time then it would take to get to the barber and then no wait time at the barbers to top it off! I use my clipper, a mirror, and a small hand mirror to cut my own. It typically take 10-20 minutes and I do it in the bathroom and can hop in the shower when I am done. With filming delays it took just under 18 minutes to cut my son’s hair. I even cut my own hair for my own wedding. I have even learned how to cut letters into my own hair like a BOSS! Save some money just like my youtube name say ” You can Do it!!!!”

Caution! I post all my videos for informational purposes only. Any attempt to duplicate these techniques are at your own risk!


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