Laser Tattoo Removal Brisbane & Sunshine Coast

Laser Tattoo Removal Brisbane –

Laser Tattoo Removal Brisbane & Sunshine Coast

Tattoo Removal is a personal choice often due to change of mind, job or employment requirements, social acceptance or even unhappiness with the quality, design or placement of a tattoo.

Removal of tattoo ink with a q-switched laser is by far the safest method as the laser light will shatter the ink into minute particles which are removed via the bodies immune system without damaging the skin. The technology used can make a big difference in how effective the process is and for this reason we use the Medlite C6 q-switched laser for the best results possible.

What is Laser Tattoo Removal?
Laser tattoo removal uses a medical grade Conbio Medlite ND: YAG q switch laser to remove tattoo ink from underneath the skins surface. Tattoo inks are large particles that are fixed within the dermal layer of the skin.

How does Laser Tattoo Removal work?
Our powerful Q switched laser (Medlite C6) selectively targets the clumps of tattoo ink and uses a ‘shockwave’ of laser energy to shatter it into smaller particles which can then be removed via the body’s immune system.
Laser tattoo removal results in a gradual fading or lightening which will occur over several weeks or even months depending on the location of the tattoo. The number of treatments required will vary as it depends on the age and location of the tattoo, the colour and the type of ink used.
A series of treatments are required for complete tattoo removal. If you just want the tattoo faded back for a cover up tattoo you will not need as many as a person that wants the tattoo fully removed.. A wide variety of tattoo inks and colours can be removed with this technology.

What technology do you use for Laser Tattoo Removal?
At Image by laser we use the Medlite C6 which is most effective type of tattoo removal laser. The Medlite C6 utilises several different wavelengths to remove coloured tattoo ink, which is by far more effective than systems which try to remove all colours using only one wavelength. For example a green tattoo requires a different wavelength than a black or blue one.
Laser tattoo removal does not have to be a painfull process. Image by Laser uses a zimmer cooling device which chills the area before, during and after laser tattoo removal which protects the skin by decreasing the thermal reaction and minimising discomfort. By incorporating the zimmer into the laser tattoo removal treatments we have no need for topical anaesthetic due to the numbing effect of the cold on the skin. The laser fires very rapid pulses and most people are surprised how quickly the treatment is over.

What are the benefits of Laser Tattoo Removal treatments?
For those who don’t want the tattoo anymore it allows them to wear whatever they like and not have to cover up the tattoo for work or social events. Often people change their mind and don’t want a tattoo anymore due to relationship breakdown or a change in lifestyle. Laser tattoo removal is also a lot safer than previous tattoo removal methods which can often lead to scarring or infection.

What does Laser Tattoo Removal treat?

Any size, shape or colour tattoo
Small to Large Pieces
Names, words and symbols
Bands or rings– around arms, legs, neck or fingers
Designs — characters, animals, flowers, tribal art etc
Full, half or ¾ Sleeves

Most people have made a few mistakes in their youth which they can’t change later down the track, and tattoos are definitely a common one. Whether it be a backyard tattoo operator, an ex’s name or simply in a place not suitable for employment prospects, Image by Laser now has the most effective technology to erase unwanted tattoos.
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