Jungkook Has More Tattoos, REAL?

Are Jungkook’s tattoos real?

When BTS’s one month break ended, fans saw Jungkook in an airport in New Zealand.
That was the first time fans were able to see his new tattoos.
At first, army has been debating if they were real or not.
Many thought they’re just temporary tattoos.
Despite no official confirmation, it looks like they’re real.

During Bon Voyage 4 Jungkook’s tattoos were covered up. Probably it was due to broadcast regulations.
Also, In the official promo shots for Bon Voyage 4, Jungkook had no tattoos.
Some fans believe that they were photoshopped out for the same reason.

But It looks like Jungkook has more tattoos than armys have previously anticipated.
The first one that fans noticed, were the letters ARMY written on his fingers (and the letter J above the M)

Another tattoo are the numbers 0613, written on his lower thumb.
As expected, army managed to discover it’s meaning.
It represents BTS’s debut date. The group released their debut single, 2 Cool 4 Skool in June 2013.

Jungkook has another tattoo but fans were only able to see part of it.
The words “han cool” which ARMYs suspect is the Nirvana lyric, “Rather be dead than cool,” from the song “Stay Away.”
This tattoo might be related to Jungkook’s motto (that he mentioned back in 2014): “I’d rather die than to live without any passion.”

And another tattoo, that fans were only able to see a glimpse of, appears to be a skeleton hand making the “I love you” sign.

Even though they can’t be seen clearly, In Episode 5 of Bon Voyage 4, fans noticed Jungkook’s tattoos in the background when BTS visited a hot spring.

An army tweeted:
“how do y’all always notice these things and i never notice till someone points it out

ive been an army for 2 years now you’d think i’d have inherited the eagles eye by now”

so, What’s your opinion? Do you like his new tattoos?
As always: Be nice, be like BTS


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