Indian Little Tailor Boutique – Wedding Dress Up

Dear crazy shopaholic girls! We bring a crazy fun filled dress up & garments simulation game for all glam model girls in which you will learn to sew trendy and fashionable dressmaking in Indian Little Tailor Boutique. This is an amazing fun sewing and adventure game related to urban fashion designing. You’ll work as trendy clothes designer and women’s fashion salon expert to make latest breathtaking fashion dresses in Indian Little Tailor Boutique. Your tailor designer boutique shop is famous for its modern royal dresses, modern outfits and cheap clothes for little girls & women who loves to wear traditional fashion dresses. Be a stylish and fashionable couturier of girls clothing and hang all girls’ clothes on the mannequin because those girls who are not even fond of clothes shopping will definitely attract to your fashion salon store so must show your red carpet dress on the mannequin in Indian Little Tailor Boutique.

Latest fashion clothes hanging on the mannequin decorated with number of ad-ons like laces, buttons, ribbons, belts, sticker and patterns will enhance the customers and decoration beauty of your Indian Little Tailor Boutique. Let’s enter to the fashion clothes shop where you’ll learn complete royal dress making and how to design it like a modern fashion designer who design & decorate awesome dresses for marriage & wedding events.

Measuring clothes
Before clothes making, complete all measurements of shirt, skirt or saree whatever you are going to make. Pick measuring tape carefully to measure the attire for star princess as a royal tailor.

Ironing clothes
Ironing dresses is very important for a dressmaker. It is also an ironing clothes game because the designer dresses cannot get completed without ironing. Complete ironing princess dresses in your Indian fashion salon shop as a pro tailor having experience & ironing skills.

Stitching clothes
Let’s stitch clothes on the advanced stitching machine for winter or summer clothes sale on your Indian fashion empire. Sewing machine and cloth cutting are two major tasks of the dress maker process. But it is a piece of cake for princess tailor.

Designing clothes
Designing clothes in the fashion princess tailor boutique is now available in one of the best new Indian fashion designer simulator games for girls & boys. Try different ad-ons after royal dress making in the tailor boutique shop. You can design it with buttons, belts, laces, ribbons, stickers and patterns in you tailor shop.
Princess Dress up
Let’s have a royal dress up in the trial room of your tailor shop and Indian fashion salon. The dress is made by princess dress designer and she design it with her all energies that’s why the royal dress is a unique and the most beautiful dress of your tailor shop. Choose the best jewelry for her and matching other accessories.

Download Indian Little Tailor Boutique, best & top trending dressing game for little girls who wants to be tailor and learn from their mommy.

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