How We Do Our MIXED Kids Hair || CRAZY LONG HAIR ||

Today’s video is all about how we maintain our two toddler’s hair! Kenny is demonstrating for us today (age 3).

Logan’s loc video: Putting Starter Locs In My 5 yr Old Autistic Son’s Hair. ( NO FIGHTING )

“Our Skoolie Kids Book”

We are so happy to have you guys along on our journey as we wander through life as the hippies we were meant to be lol! Amill and I (Britt) believe in entrepreneurial lifestyle that will eventually manifest into an off-grid and adventurous life! Our family is based in NC (for now) and we have 3 boys! Logan (5), Kenny (3), and Jameson (2).

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*Camera we use:
We use a iPhone XR for filming

*Stabilizer we use Movi Freefly Gimble.

**Edited with iMovie


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