How to make most beautiful mini house for hamster and Noel decoration – Part 3 | Full HD 4K

How to make most beautiful mini house for hamster – Part 3 | Full HD 4K. This video is how to make mini house for hamster. It’s large and comfortable! Fuho – Bricklaying mini house is the channel that makes videos that simulate the process of building a building by manual method.
Noel is coming and the poor hamster still have no place to live.
So we were Christmas decoration for the hamsters a warm Christmas.
The constructions have a much smaller rate than reality but are completely accurate in construction techniques.

We hopes to bring you useful knowledge about the construction industry, especially the old craft construction, and the basic knowledge of the process of building a house or an architectural work.
The items we make like mini bricks, mini tiles, mini concrete or mini-work tools are completely handmade and shaped like reality.
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