How to Make Flower Centerpieces: DIY Wedding Bouquets and Centerpieces

How to make wedding centerpieces. Visit

What you will need:
75 Bridal Roses
A Vase
A Set of Spears
Fill the vase halfway with water and diluted floral food.
In a water-filled container have ready your 75 rose stems.
One by one, remove unwanted foliage from each rose stem and place them on the table.
Depending on the height of the vase cut each stem to its desired height.
If your vase is transparent, it is important to recognize that the appearance of the stems through the vase will be part of the arrangements overall visual appeal. Therefore, the stems must appear in a decorative manner or they must be concealed in some way. For the purpose of this arrangement, we will assume your vase is transparent.
Take one rose in your hand and hold it by its ‘neck’. This rose is your focal rose. One by one, begin adding the remaining roses to that same hand. Place each rose in such a way that it wraps around the focal rose -making sure that each stem is parallel with each previous stem added.
Constantly, adjust the height of each rose so that no one rose is taller or shorter than all the rest.
As you increase the amount of roses in your hand and perhaps with the help of someone else, adjust your grip so as not to place unwanted pressure on the ‘neck’ of the stems.
When your grip can no longer hold any more roses, place the flowers into the vase. Look objectively at the arrangement. If there are any gaps showing, fill in these areas with remaining roses.
Place arrangement in water filled vase and make any necessary adjustments.
You did it! Enjoy.


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