Hair styles for Brides, Bridesmaid, back to school or casual!

Here are two fun hair styles you can wear for any occasion!
Quick & Unique Back to School Hairstyles!

Want to see a make up tutorial on this look? Let me know.

Previous hair tutorial

Give away + Hair tutorial (Ends August 17th, 2012)

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Nail polish: Sinful colors “Let’s talk”

Hair care video :

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Has anyone also noticed I was able to get myself a better camera to use in my last few hair tutorial videos? When I first started making videos, I was using my husband’s Eye Toy from his Play Station and made videos on a loud PC!!!! Over the years, it’s been fun buying things like a new digital camera, better lighting and then a lap top to film and edit on. But though I spent money to improve, viewers continued to complain about the quality of my videos. People wanted me to get an HD camera. But no one wanted to pay for it LOL JK! You know what I mean. I knew I was going to have to save up. So, I started to accept sponsored videos and slowly saved up for a nice new HD camera! YAY! I am currently saving up to change my background to make it more interesting, but it will be a while.

Remember, no matter what, if I give you guys a sponsored video, I will also include something for you to take with you: a hair/makeup/nail tutorial and/or a prize. I never want to make you guys feel like I am just USING you. I appreciate that it’s super easy and free to subscribe to my channel, but I know it’s just that easy and free to UNSUBSCRIBE from my channel any time you want-I won’t take that for granted-No You Tube guru should. This is why I try my best to get the most of every thing: A good tutorial for you, with high quality equipment. A bit of earnings for me to continue to purchase for and improve my videos. A bit of earnings for you to earn some small prizes every time I upload a video.

Thank you!
If you have ever used one of my tutorials, thank you for making my time of recording, editing and uploading these videos worthwhile.

If I haven’t met you in person, I hope to meet you someday.
If I have met you, HELLO! Hope to bump into you again my friend.


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FTC: Got these hair tools from sponsors a while ago. I still use them for my videos and sometimes for personal use. All other items shown were purchased by me.


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