EASY DIY Organic Bridal Bouquet by Flower Moxie ~SUPER FAST TUTORIAL~

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Oh, organic bouquets, how I love’em….however, they can be a little tricky for a DIY’er to build so here’s a fool-proof way: Build it laying down. The flowers, not you.

Few things:
– Bouquet will be one-sided. This makes it easy to lay down throughout the night (which you will do 257 times) without bruising your buds….and with a flat-side, it will fit against your bod better. See, I’ve thought of everything!
– By building it this way, you can easily control where the flowers go without the unfortunate hand-cramping that occurs after a 30-minute build session.
– You’ll need a few zip ties and a mirror on hand.
– Think variation and texture! Don’t be scared of greens and taking snip off of your neighbors trees and shrubs…or go ditch-divin’.


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