EASY Braidout on Kids Hair! + Tutorial

Hello everyone this is how I do my nieces hair when I want it to be frizz free with a little volume. Her hair type is 3b 3c and it’s very easily tangled. She also has a really fine and soft hair texture which makes it very easily weighed down. She doesn’t wear her hair out often but when she does she loves it so I hope you enjoy it as much as she does! ✨ I’ve linked below all of the tools used. Peace and love 🌺

Products Used
Styler and leave in- http://festyy.com/wKe7gQ
Wide tooth comb- http://festyy.com/wKe7za
Brush- http://festyy.com/wKe7cZ
Gel- http://festyy.com/wKe7mB


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