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My and my daughter Belle decided to try this avocado. My daughter is mixed with African American and Caucasian. She has very dry curls with low porosity. This method really helped moisturize her hair and helped her curls stay intact for days!

Please check out our play list on the “Mixed Kids Chronicles, where we try different things with her hair like detangling, styling, conditioning and a lot of product reviews. Though it is small now, this year, 2019, we will be focusing a lot more on her hair, therefore that playlist will be growing fast. The Playlist is linked below.

Also my daughter has a TikTok account and if you want a clean fun kid for your kids to follow and watch please check out her profile. That will also be linked below.

Items needed:
Ripe Avocados
Olive Oil
Essential Oil- Lavender (Optional)
—Also you can add water as needed for smoother blending.

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Mixed Kids Hair Chronicles

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