Pom-pom makeup, wavy brows, LED eyelashes, glitter tongue, eyebrow slits, glitter brows are the craziest beauty trends.

Makeup artists decided to add some of the fluffy puffs to their beauty routines. People are gluing pom-poms to their faces. You can use pom-poms for eye makeup, brow art, lip art and even a colorful, crazy contouring.

When you’re tired of being basic, add wavy brows to your look. It looks like the cross between a snake, an inch worm, and a Tim Burton acid trip. Adding the glitter or colours to your brows can define their shape and can take your look from morning to night instantly. It’s totally unpractical, yet mesmerizing, way to do your makeup.

Eyebrow slits are a trendy form of self-expression that involves making thin vertical cuts in eyebrow hair. You can create them using makeup if you don’t want permanent eyebrow slits.

Mascara does a pretty good job of enhancing the eyelashes but LED eyelashes really puts them in the spotlight. It turns your face into a rave party.

Change up your everyday look with these makeup tutorials. Have fun!


0:01 – a full face of pom-poms. These might not be the most wearable, everyday looks, but all the takes on the pom-pom makeup trend sure are fun to look at.

1:06 – wavy brows. These wiggle brows are actually pretty hard to do.

2:48 – LED eyelashes. They can be applied using standard fake eyelash adhesive and are reusable.

3:15 – wavy makeup. Drawing wavy squiggle eyebrows and lips.

4:12 – glitter brow makeup tutorial. Make your brows sparkle.

4:41 – LED eyelashes. These lashes are light up lashes. They have crazy small LED lights along the line of where you would apply your false lashes. It’s almost like a LED eyeliner or glowing eyeliner.

5:09 – pom-pom brows. Use multi-colored pom-poms for a brighter accent on the brows.

6:19 – How to make wiggle brows using makeup.

7:24 – glitter tongue. If you do fancy giving the glitter tongue a go, use edible glitter like the stuff used in cake decorating.

7:43 – step-by-step wavy brows tutorial.

8:55 –fleek eyebrow cuts. Eyebrows are very essential to one’s appearance, they frame the face and can give you a completely different look.

9:55 – wavy eyebrows. Create them by shaping the brows with washable glue rather than plucking hairs, so you can go back to normal brows easily if you decide the snake brow look isn’t for you.

11:13 – how to create eyebrow slits using makeup.

11:44 – braided brows using hair extension and glitter.


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