Bridesmaid Hairstyle Down | Top Knot Hairstyles

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Bridesmaid Hairstyle Down | Top Knot Hairstyles

Natalie Woods, MuviCut presents another bridesmaid hairstyle video tutorial. This one inspired by retro wedding hairstyles of 50’s. It’s a 3 top knot hairstyle with a dropped ponytail, perfect for bridesmaids. Each knot is uniquely prepared and merged at the end, to a ponytail. The layers are flapped to create additional volume. You may keep it as it is if you wish.

This hairstyle is suitable for all ages and can be used as junior bridesmaid hairstyles. It’s straightforward to create and maintain.

So, what are you waiting for? Try this gorgeous top knot bridesmaid hairstyle down and turn the heads around to you.

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