Here’s a video showing my 2yr old daughter Savannah’s Hair Washing for Hair Growth Routine using an Aloe Cera shampoo and Aloe vera conditioner. I purchased these from Tj Maxx. Enjoy!

For business inquiries email

Instagram- _TrishaSwan_ @SweetieSavannah

Link to the ONLY AUTHENTIC JAMAICAN BLACK CASTOR OIL i use in Savannah’s hair for growth

Thank you for watching and remember God loves us all

Youtube has recently disabled the comment section of thousands of youtubers accounts including mine due to them trying to prevent inappropriate comments and report and remove commenters who leave harmful, unlawful, bullying or predator comments on any videos that have minors in them. Comment sections will remain disabled until youtube continues to work through these commenters and protect the youtube community. I did not disable my comments but youtube did so if you see them disabled on my account and your other favorite youtubers’ accounts who have kids in their videos also that is why. they will become enabled again when youtube has finished their process. It is youtubes way of trying to figure out how to make things safer and get rid of commenters who are abusing the comment section and being inappropriate or unlawful. In the Meantime you can visit us on Instagram to comment and ask questions 🙂 @_TrishaSwan_ @SweetieSavannah


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