Avengers Infinity War Actor before and after MakeUp

Hello everyone, today we will bring you behind the scenes of “Avengers Infinity War”. Help you know more about how superheroes dressed up in any way.
To let you understand more about their difficulties in acting. And there are actors who have to wear heavy costumes or thick layers of makeup for more than 12 hours in a row.
Dave Bautista took 5 hours and thanks to 4 new makeup staff to complete the makeup of the character Drax. Zoe Saldana becoming Gamora takes 3 hours of makeup. Karen Gillan takes 3 hours to become Nebula. And must keep the makeup for more than 10 hours to act the film.
And Vision is played by actor Paul Bettany. He had to wear an all-air pump suit. When wearing this outfit is really very uncomfortable is not it.
This video will help show you some of the difficulties of the actors. When you have to take part in acting to get good movies.

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