3 Things to Do With A Bridesmaid Dress

What to do with a leftover Bridesmaid Dress? Click here and find out what Chox is up to! Ohh it’s good! Thank you JT & Laz!
Introducing….. Glam Gardening!
So there is this phrase Always a bridesmaid, Never a bride. blah blah lots of pouting about being a bridesmaid but we get these awesome dresses! This is a bridesmaid dress from my Mom’s Wedding years ago =) I don’t have the heart to get rid of it but I really won’t wear it anywhere else so I figured that I would have some fun with it! Introducing… Glam Gardening! oh yes, There is Glamping (Glamorous Camping) and we are here to bring you Glam Gardening. In our fashionable Burgundy Sparkle Bridesmaid Dress. It was actually so much fun to mow the lawn in a beautiful gown for no reason what so ever. The neighbor came over to introduce himself and lots of people were out Sunday driving! We might just start a new Trend here in town! Glam Gardening. I had the help of JT Bear and Laz the dog for the other two uses of the dress. They are really funny and I appreciate their help with this!
I had so much fun making this video for you! What would you do with left over brides maid dreesses?? Comment Below!!
Thanks so much for hanging out here with me!
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