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As we are moving into the #newyear, let us resolve to explore our creative side more and more. Because, creative minds can find light in darkness!
On that note, here is a DIY video wherein I am showing 3 Modern #homedecorDIYs with Food Boxes for you to try. These are really easy to create- just food boxes, minimal raw materials and paint. These contemporary decors have been so much in demand that it will be a delight to actually DIY these! So, what are we waiting for? Let’s dive into the New Year with style and glam!
Happy New Year 2020, you guys!

Here are the raw materials for each DIY that you see-
Hanging Night Lamp-
Food Box (small)
Spray Paint/ Acrylic paint
Bulb Holder with wire

Boho Metallic Planter-
Food Box with lid (Medium size)
Golden acrylic dust with binder
Bamboo sticks
Lace (optional)

Vertical Planter-
Food Box with lid (Large)
Acrylic paint and sponge
Thin lace
Nail and hammer to mount it on the wall

Art Varnish for a long lasting paint


The Working Naari is my attempt to reach out to all the Women out there, alongwith their wonderful better halves who understand them. The name should not be misconstrued to be related to only working women who work in offices. Because, every woman here is a working woman who in one or the other way is contributing to her home and the society largely. Also, my intent is to show my way of handling day to day things as a working woman in today’s era. This is my way of appreciating these beauties and helping them out in whichever small way possible.

Shot on: Canon 80D (50mm lens) and OnePlus 7
Edited on : Wondershare Filmora

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