10 TOP Selling Products on AMAZON 2020 (INDIA) 🔥 WEDDING DECOR 🔥 Best Amazon Product Research

In this video, I will tell about 10 TOP Selling Products on AMAZON 2020 (INDIA) in WEDDING DÉCOR category using Best Amazon Product Research technique.

Episode #1 – 10 Best Selling Products on Amazon in 2020
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✅ 1st Product – Artificial Petals – We all know that cost of flowers is going up day by day. And a good alternative to them are these artificial petals. These Artificial Petals are used in weddings in lot of decorations like table top, to decorate the wall behind the bride and groom, to decorate their chairs.

Lot of people do their wedding in a limited budget. For this, they use artificial petals instead of real flowers and its trend is increasing as per Amazon Product Research. On Amazon, sellers are selling this starting from INR 125 to INR 8000, based on the quality and the number of petals in a single pack.

✅ 2nd Product – LED Wedding Balloons – Wedding decorations like LED Wedding Balloons can brighten your customer’s wedding venue. These balloons can be lit up with helium and activated with a switch of a button. This product has come in trend in the last few months as per recently performed Amazon product research.

✅ 3rd Product – Heart-shaped Wedding Confetti – In the market, to decorate the wedding venue and make a wedding happening, a lot of decorating material is available. One of them is this heart- shaped wedding confetti. It is available in lot of colors like red, blue, golden, off-white, rosy. And lot of wedding venues consider this an ideal decorative product. Reason being that cleaning the small confetti is a very tedious task.

✅ 4th Product – Fake Wedding Flowers – Like we just discussed that real flowers are very expensive and people are looking for other alternatives. So, fake wedding flowers is one good alternative. I totally agree that fake flowers look pretty tacky. But we also need to understand that everyone does not do a very lavish or hi-fi wedding. So, for budget weddings, this is a very good option and one that people are liking a lot. So these days, people are more towards the budget oriented weddings. So you can try this. It’s a good option and a good product to make some good profit in the year 2020

✅ 5th Product – LED Marquee Letters – In case of wedding decorations, if any product is rocking the market, it is the LED Marquee Letters. Whether it is the romantic MARRY ME sign or a romantic proposal I DO signage, this product can be seen in every wedding. Best part about this product is that this can increase your average order value significantly because to make one sentence, multiple letters are required.

✅ 6th Product – Silicone Wedding band – I am pretty sure, you must be shocked to hear the name of this product, that who wears a silicon band. People do wear. A lot of people wear. And the demand of this product is increasing day by day and the growth is quite steady and strong. There are 2 reasons for this [WATCH THE VIDEO]

✅ 7th Product – Paper Lanterns – Whether the wedding venue is indoor, in some hall or outdoor in some garden, paper lanterns are the new décor item that make any environment or any location very beautiful. This is now a lot in trend and is in very high demand. On Amazon, sellers are selling it from INR 130 to INR 6000 or 7000, based on the quantity and the quality.

✅ 8th Product – Sky Lantern – If we are talking about lanterns, it is just not possible that we don’t mention sky lanterns. This product is already quite in trend and I am 100% sure you all must have seen in weddings that once the varmala ceremony is over, the bride, groom and their family members, and even guests release sky lanterns in the sky. This product starts from INR 200 to INR 2000, based on the quantity and the quality.

✅ 9th Product – Mr. and Mrs. Balloon – Like we just discussed the LED Balloons that are used in decorating wedding venues. It is not only to decorate the wedding venues, that the balloons are available in the market. Even for the bride and groom, specially designed balloons are available in the market on which Mr. and Mrs. is written. With these balloons, the bride and groom primarily do a photo shoot to create some memories.

✅ 10th Product – Bride and Groom Chair Signage – This product is available in many unique designs and is being sold from INR 500 to INR 5000 on online platforms. By selling this product on Amazon, you can make quite a good profit. And you can make that profit 2 times or 3 times, if you directly tie up with some wedding planner.

So, these are the 10 TOP Selling Products in WEDDING DÉCOR category that every Amazon seller must sell on amazon INDIA in 2020.

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