♥ Japanese Gyaru Makeup Tutorial Version 2.0 ♥

Here is my second try at a makeup tutorial for the Japanese Gyaru/Gal look, heavily inspired by the hot Popteen model, Funayama Kumiko (舟山久美子). Since I uploaded my first gyaru makeup video (which you can view here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1gVukeUG0kU), I have gotten many comments and feedback, both positive and negative. The trend for Gyaru makeup has also shifted to a softer look, with emphasis on using lashes instead of eyeliner to define the eyes (as seen on Kumiko). Therefore, I decided to do a second version of Gyaru makeup tutorial. 🙂

All products and tools I used have been listed in the video. The names of the songs are at the end of the video. Please read carefully before asking about both of these topics. Thank you and enjoy!

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